Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new york city trip :part two:

the photobooth in our hotel lobby

fun decor in the lobby

Pizza at Lombardi's
pizza heaven!

my amazing scott. waiting patiently for our pie.

margarita with pepperoni

shopping on a full, happy stomach.

scott was in his happy place.

Brunch at Cafe Orlin
sunday morning brunch

my love likes tea :)

french toast

eggs benedict

Museum of Modern Art

he carried my camera bag, such a gentleman.

there we are!

The Ace Hotel
entrance to our hotel. 

lobby ceiling

sorry, i can't help myself. 


flag above the bar.

sign above the front desk

We stayed at the Ace Hotel, it was awesome. The food at the hotel's restaurant, the Breslin, was so good that it was hard to eat other places. that is saying a lot since it is New York. The first night, we were starving and didn't want to think about where to eat and we just strolled in. I ordered the lamb burger with thrice fried potatoes and it rocked my world. Scott ordered duck with brussel sprouts and rediscovered the vegetable, everything was so so good. We couldn't resist ordering room service a couple days later and it rocked. next time you are in New York you have to try the Breslin. Yum!

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