Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everly's Nursery

As promised, some pictures of little Everly's room.
Baby E in her crib, playing and being adorable.  Animal photographs by Sharon Montrose.

The hallway to her room. The valance above the window is from a little french
store in La Jolla.  The toy basket is from Ikea.

Right: The ABC poster is by Rifle Paper Co. Left: Her changing table and dresser.

Left: these shelves are to the right of her dresser and filled with fun mementos and treasures. Right: A letterpress
card that we got in a little bookstore in NYC when we found out we were pregnant.  (the whale on the shelf above
is also a letterpress card from the same store. The white paper in the center is a white embossed alphabet that my
mom brought home from France from a 100 yr old paper mill.)

Everly playing. Here you can see her lamp from Ikea and the bookshelves we painted on the right. The shelves are actually spice racks that we repurposed and hung kind of low so she can reach them when she starts to walk.  (not my idea, I saw it on a blog)

Left: Owl photograph by Sharon Montrose. Right: Her fun animal rug that we paired with a sheepskin rug for extra coziness.

Left: Reading and rocking. Right: a close up of the painting my parents got for her room. Its from a little shop in downtown Orange, CA.

Left: Close up of her bedding by Auggie. Right: Her bunny nightlight, which we Love.

happy baby girl!

These photographs already seem outdated to me since I rearrange and mix things up on a daily basis, but you get the idea. Her room only has the one window (good for sleeping, bad for photography and natural light) so the light you see here is mostly from recessed lighting.

Do you Love Everly's artwork and can't wait to have some just like it in your home?
For more information of the animal photographs visit Sharon Montrose's Animal Print shop here.
And for more information on Rifle Paper Co. visit their shop here.

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