Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fall is here, ring the bell.

polariod acorn line up
I lined them up like a wedding party on a sun drenched bench.

polariod acorn tree
this is the tree they fell from, it's an oldie but a goodie.

sunset tree
this tree was begging to be photographed, it reminded me of a sunset.

acorn cluster
this is an iphone picture, with a Holga filter.

holga acorn lineup

another iphone picture.

life on the east coast is full of surprises. after spending all my life living in southern california, adjusting to the beauty that the seasons have to offer is one of my favorite things that I have had the pleasure of enjoying in my new home. the park down the street is a normal dog-walking route for lil baer and myself. yesterday we were out and about, enjoying the sun, and I heard this sound coming from one the larger trees. I walked closer to the tree and I see that the ground is covered with acorns. Real, beautiful, acorns. I know it must sound strange, but they are new to me. So I gathered them up and took some pictures to remember the day. I busted out the polariod (which has been in a holding pattern since the film is no longer produced, but the recent announcement that it might be returning inspired me to start using the film again). And I also took some photographs with my new iphone, I thought the contrast of the two would be fun. And when I was all done, I scattered the acorns back under the tree so they can fall back in to there place in nature.

read more about the return of polariod here.

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