Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy birthday

lamp at cobras

something funny

adorable mo

cindy j on the left

libres es muy rojo

sneaky michael

mo and her man

ceg is in trouble

kim's special moment

sangria and my girls

good moment

it's my special day

birthday song

today is my birthday and I have decided to be super happy about it. Over the last couple of years I have dreaded this day, like it somehow mattered what age I actually am. But now I am going to be really happy about it, much more in tune with how I feel about my friends and families' birthdays. It is so wonderful celebrating the people you love and telling them how great they are, so today I will celebrate and feel the love, it's about time.

these polariods were taken on my birthday in 2006, we had a smashing good time at cobras and matadors in los angeles.

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